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Dog lovers the world over are interested in the health of our dogs.

Did you know that dogs should be living considerably longer than our average pet's current lifespan?

It's true

And it's due to a number of factors, some of which affect the human lifespan as well - pollution, allergens, nutrition and diet.

It's the aim of Your Healthy Dog website to provide information on methods of improving the health and wellbeing of your dog.

First and foremost, if your dog is happy, he or she will tend to be healthier. So it's important to ensure that your dog is as happy as possible. This can be achieved by spending time with your dog - this is probably your dog's most favored pastime - going for walks, playing with a ball, or just lying at your feet (on on your lap!) while you watch TV.

It's not always possible to be with your dog for the majority of the day, especially if all members of the family go out to work or school for large portions of the day. So when you are at home, it's important to spend some quality time with your dog either going for a walk, playing, or even just rubbing his/her tummy and talking to him/her! Your dog with love it.

Training your dog to know his/her place in your family hierachy, and to obey commands, is actually good for your dog's wellbeing and health. A dog who doesn't know what's expected of him/her is not only a problem for you, but he/she is a dog who is not content and happy. So appropriate training for your dog is certainly conducive to your dog's health.

Next, a healthy diet is a must. Raw or mainly raw is best. Commonly known as the BARF diet, many vets recommend Bones And Raw Food as the optimum diet for your dog. There is some controversy in relation to giving your dog bones (whether raw or cooked), but in any event, the BARF diet is many times more preferable than a commercial diet.

Commercial dog food is slowing killing our dogs. Read the shocking facts here:

Most of us either regularly or from time to time take some form of vitamin supplement, right? So why is it we rarely consider it necessary to give vitamins to our dogs? We should!

Vitamins can assist dogs of all ages. But if your dog is an older dog, he or she may also benefit from a supplement specially for arthritis. As many as twenty per cent of dogs of all ages, believe it or not, suffer from arthritis to some degree. But of course, older dogs are much more prone to this painful condition. And there IS an easy way to keep this problem under control, and give your dog an easier, happier, time.

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